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Munny Journey exists to help every generation learn about money. This is done by challenging the status quo and the traditional way of thinking about money and financial literacy. Munny Journey is a financial education tool in the form of a fun baby journal that walks children through the process of learning about money.

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Munny Journey is a book that is challenging the traditional wealth saving model.  This is accomplished through changing cultural thinking by empowering and educating people, using simple and easy to understand terms, about mutual funds and compound interest. By combining increasing life expectancies with a new saving model, anyone can create  financial security like never before. Money is not the problem…’s how we think about money that is the problem. Munny Journey is an investment plan that starts the day a child is born.

Brad Dugdale, founder of Munny Journey, is challenging the traditional wealth saving model.  In everything that Brad does, there  is a desire to challenge the status quo, to disrupt the traditional way of thinking about money and planning for retirement. For as little as a dollar a day, you can create financial security for you, and your children or grandchildren.

What if parents and grandparents were aware that they could turn a newborn into a millionaire for only a dollar a day?

Would we have the same headlines about families in financial distress 30, 40 or 50 years from now? Problems with money are the result of a low level of financial education, and if parents have poor financial skills they can pass those to their kids creating a generational “debt spiral”.

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Give the Child You Love Financial Security

If you save a dollar a day for a child it could grow to a nest egg worth a million dollars or more over their lifetime. We all know the importance of starting to save early but many people don’t have an easy plan or method of doing so. Munny Journey is a solution for new parents interested in providing financial security for a child. This creative journal is both a Keepsake and a guidebook to show new parents and grandparents how time can allow even the smallest deposits of money to grow to wealth beyond your wildest dreams.

Munny Journey Dollar a Day

This full color illustrated journal explains stocks, bonds & mutual funds in easy to understand terms. It has pages to store memories such as ‘baby’s first dollar’, ‘first savings account’ and even your state quarter. It is a Keepsake of financial dreams and something parents can turn to over and over again to help a child understand money as they grow.

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                                    Book SynopsisIf you save a dollar a day for a child it could grow to a nest egg worth a million dollars or more over their lifetime.

Munny Journey is a Keepsake Journal for Baby’s First Money. Modeled after traditional baby journals it contains pages to record money “firsts”, such as baby’s first dollar, first savings account and first investment. It is also an educational tool, providing information on saving and investing and illustrating how the magic of compound interest can create wealth.

It is possible to create a millionaire by age 65 for just one dollar a day starting at birth. The assumption used is that the money grows at an average annual return of 9%. This is less than the historical average annual return of the S & P 500, the most widely used benchmark for United States stock investing.

The book has two primary themes. The first is the keepsake theme of the book with pages to record the financial dreams of parents, grandparents and others. Clear pockets are included to store baby’s first dollar and state quarter. There are pages dedicated to others first’s such as savings account, bond, stock investment and financial advisor.

The second theme is what makes it truly a book more than just a keepsake journal. Organized into chapters such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds and college savings the keepsake pages are accompanied by easy to understand text about the different investments and concepts. The goal is to present the value of starting early in a new and unique way rather than with complicated terms and ideas often found in financial books.

The book also shows different examples of compound interest over a lifetime and allows parents to track the balance of an account with a “Munny Mountain” chart and photo pages to be used as the child grows.

The journal has inspirational quotes separating the chapters and is beautifully illustrated with original artwork by Krista Brand. Shelby Ronnestad served as creative director overseeing design and layout. Rich Ronnestad contributed text, charts and calculations.

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About the Author

Munny Journey author Brad Dugdale. Brad Dugdale is a veteran financial consultant with over 32 years experience. He is the senior partner on a team that manages over $300 million in assets for clients throughout the United States. Brad is a financial literacy expert, speaker and author of two books.

His latest book is titled “Munny Journey, a Keepsake Journal for Baby’s First Money.” The book is modeled after traditional baby journals and records money “firsts”, such as baby’s first dollar, first savings account and first investment. It is also an educational tool, providing information on saving and investing and how compound interest can create wealth.

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Brad’s life was changed in his second year of college when realized that small sums of money invested over time can make a family financially secure. He wants to change the way America thinks about money and stop the generational debt spirals that occur when parents aren’t able to pass on good financial skills to their kids.

Brad has appeared on numerous television and radio programs and writes columns for websites, newspapers and magazines throughout the country. His first book “Let’s Save America, 9 Lessons to Financial Success” was published in 2000 and in 2007 he produced a documentary on the credit card industry called “U.R. Pre-approved”. Brad believes that every child has the opportunity to become financially secure and talks to parents and kids about the magic of compound interest whenever he can. He believes that people should strive to be financially independent not to be “rich” but to have choice, opportunity and the ability to create a better world through giving.