Changing the Next Generation!



Munny Journey is a book that is challenging the traditional wealth saving model.  This is accomplished through changing cultural thinking by educating and empowering people, in simple and easy to understand terms, about mutual funds and compound interest. By combining increasing life expectancies with a new saving model, anyone can create  financial advantage like never before. Money is not the problem…’s how we think about money that is the problem. Munny Journey is an investment plan that starts the day a child is born.

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Give the Child You Love Financial Security

If you save a dollar a day for a child it could grow to a nest egg worth a million dollars or more over their lifetime. We all know the importance of starting to save early but many people don’t have an easy plan or method of doing so. Munny Journey is a solution for new parents interested in providing financial security for a child. This creative journal is both a Keepsake and a guidebook to show new parents and grandparents how time can allow even the smallest deposits of money to grow to wealth beyond your wildest dreams.

This full color illustrated journal explains stocks, bonds & mutual funds in easy to understand terms. It has pages to store memories such as ‘baby’s first dollar’, ‘first savings account’ and even your state quarter. It is a Keepsake of financial dreams and something parents can turn to over and over again to help a child understand money as they grow.