Should I teach my kids about money, even if I’m not good with it?

I’m often asked, “Should I teach my kids about money, even if I’m not good with it?” The answer is an emphatic yes!

Just think of all the things parents do to help their kids have a chance at success.  The countless hours of lessons, coaches and school projects.  All the books, summer camps and after school events.  Most parents would drop everything and sacrifice their own well-being for a child or grandchild.  In all of our busyness we forgot the most important life tool: understanding money.  It’s funny how we know that our kids will face the same financial decisions we face, yet we provide them with little to no training on how to manage money.

Money and investing should hold the same importance as brushing ones teeth.  Brush and floss your teeth every day and invest one dollar every day too!  Dealing with money is a life skill that can’t be avoided.  If you don’t understand money get lessons.  It’s just like learning to play piano.  Everyone starts as a beginner and overtime becomes accomplished.  Teach your kids and get them investing a dollar a day and they will never need to worry about money.  Now that’s music to my ears.

Teach your kids about money

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