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About the Author

Brad Dugdale is a veteran financial consultant with over 25 years experience. Brad is a financial literacy expert, speaker and author of two books. Brad’s life was changed in his second year of college when realized that small sums of money invested over time can make a family financially secure. His goal is to change the way America thinks about money and stop the generational debt spiral that occurs when parents aren’t able to pass on good financial skills to their kids. Brad has appeared on numerous television and radio programs and writes columns for websites, newspapers and magazines throughout the country. His first book Let’s Save America, 9 Lessons to Financial Success was published in 2000 and in 2007 he produced a documentary on the credit card industry called U.R. Pre-approved. Brad believes that every child has the opportunity to become financially secure and talks to parents and kids about the magic of compound interest whenever he can. He believes that people should strive to be financially independent not to be rich but to have choice, opportunity and the ability to create a better world through giving. Brad has two sons and lives and works in Coeur d Alene, Idaho with his wife Shariae.

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