How do you deal with (no) money as a college student?

“Going to school… bank account dwindling… what should I do?”

I love this quote: “If you do what is easy life will be hard, but if you do what is hard life will be easy.” You stand at a critical juncture in your young adult life as a college student.College Students and Money Management Look around and observe what most people do. Most borrow money. It’s amazing how easy it is to get into debt with no job and no cash flow. Lenders will lend piles of money with no payments until you finish school. Wow! That solves the problem… and feels so innocent. So, what’s the problem?

Millions like yourself took the easy path and are paying the consequences. The mountains of student debt have changed America. Young adults are forced to delay many life decisions because they left school over encumbered. Welcome to the world of perpetual roommates, basements, used cars and delayed families. There should be a warning label, but there isn’t. You are an adult and fully understand the consequences of your actions.  The hard thing to do is to not fall into the STUDENT LOAN TRAP.

Do whatever you can to stay out of debt. Work two jobs, get a scholarship, sell things you don’t need, rent out a room, keep your cost low, go to summer school, max out your credits, find an internship. Be creative! Set goals! Every dollar you save and or stay out of debt will pay big dividends that you will cherish for the rest of your life.  This is hard, especially when others take the easy route. While you’re eating noodles out of a hot pot your friends are partying in Cancun, but you can have three or four years of sacrifice for a lifetime of financial freedom!

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