New Baby Shower Gift: Munny Journey

Giving Munny Journey as a gift at a baby shower can help the new parents change their baby’s life before he or she is even born. The gift can be made even more special by starting an account for the baby and pre-loading it with money.

Here are the steps to successfully give Munny Journey as a gift at a baby shower:

1. Buy Munny Journey.
2. Determine the amount you want to give.
3. Start the account (we recommend the Young Investor’s Fund).
4. We all know that everyone wants to give the cute outfit. Do it! Give an outfit with dollar signs on it, or a onesie with the phrase “future debt-free college grad.” There’s plenty of opportunities to give a cute outfit AND Munny Journey. It doesn’t have to be one or the other, but only one will change the baby’s future.
5. Invite others at the party to donate to the baby’s fund.

You could be the first of your friends to join the Munny Journey movement, and in doing so, start a movement among your friends. As an Investomom, this is a great opportunity to help apprentice a new Investomom.

Munny  Journey New Baby Shower Gift

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