How Investomoms Use the Munny Mountain Chart

Watching kids grow is a fun part of parenting. At our house we had a wall in the laundry room that was used to measure kids heights at different ages. It was always fun when they would put their backs flat against the wall and stretch to the sky trying to eke another inch on the chart.

Investomoms have another chart found in their Munny Journey Keepsake Journal. The Munny Mountain Chart measures height and the child’s investment account. Every quarter these moms record the child’s savings and investments along with the child’s height. Adding a dollar a day and additional funds form holidays and birthdays help show steady growth up the Munny Mountain chart. Each measurement provides a teachable moment about how money works and the necessary events that all humans face in their lifetime.

Download your free copy of the Munny Mountain Chart!

Munny Journey Money Mountain


Download the printer friendly Munny Mountain Chart 

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