Join the Munny Journey Movement

munny journey The Munny Journey concept is doing something crazy: it’s changing the way people think about money. If you save a dollar a day for a child it could grow to a nest egg worth a million dollars or more over their lifetime. We all know the importance of starting to save early but many people don’t have an easy plan or method of doing so.

Changing the way people think about money is accomplished through changing cultural thinking by educating and empowering people, in simple and easy to understand terms. Specifically, Munny Journey wants to teach people about mutual funds and compound interest. By combining increasing life expectancies with a new saving model, anyone can create financial advantage like never before. Money is not the problem…’s how we think about money that is the problem. Munny Journey is an investment plan that starts the day a child is born.

So, join the Munny Journey movement by saving just $1 a day. In addition, to help you become a part of the movement, author Brad Dugdale is giving away a free copy of his first book, Let’s Save America.

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