The Million Dollar Baby Shower

Step-by-step Instructions for a Munny Journey Baby Shower
The Baby Shower Math
Munny Journey Really Does Work!
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Be the First of Your Friends to Throw a Million Dollar Baby Shower!

1. Set the date

2. Announce the shower and the idea
Be sure to include the idea of the baby shower in the announcement. Money can be a funny thing, but being upfront with your “Million Dollar Baby Shower” will make it easier.

3. Theme
Although the theme will be about changing the financial future of the baby, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with the theme. Come up with a creative name for the shower, think celebrities, or even just call it a million dollar baby shower.

4. Food and Drink
Dollar bill cookies
Gold coin candy

Green (money) juice
Sparkling Cider

5. Games
Traditional Games
Guess the name
Guess the delivery date

Munny Journey Games
Guess the Career: without the worry of money or retirement the child can be whatever they want to be!
Do the Math: figure out how much baby will be worth
Raffle off copies of Munny Journey

*** Additional Idea ***

Have guests bring $10 to enter into a raffle. Typically this is done by guests bringing diapers. However, by collecting $10 per guest even just a small account can be set up for the baby, setting up financial success.


The Idea Behind How to Raise a Million Dollars

Munny Journey Piggy Bank Account

Going to a baby shower soon? Instead of the usual gifts of clothing, toys or safety products, why not give the gift of financial security? Today’s dollar could be tomorrow’s million.

Here’s how: any sum of money invested at birth that earns a 9% average annual return will grow 270 times the original amount over 65 years – just in time for new baby’s retirement!

Here’s an easy example: 20 guests attend a baby shower. If each guest spent about $40 on a gift then about $800 was spent on the child’s behalf. If that $800 was invested it could grow to $216,000. You start wondering if that cute panda onesie was really worth it? Let’s change the goal to $4,000 – as opposed to clothes or toys – then the idea of the baby shower becomes about crowdfunding the baby’s financial future. No worries about paying for college, no worries about debt, no worries about being able to retire. A one time deposit of $4,000 into a mutual fund, based on the multiplier of 270, which is the “at birth number,” will equal $1,080,000 by the time the baby turns 65. Or, get a grandparent to commit a dollar a day for the child from birth to 18. At age 18 that child would have $16,431 with only $6,570 invested.


Munny Journey at Work in the Real World

If you save a dollar a day for a child it could grow to a nest egg worth a million dollars or more over their lifetime.

Darin Hayes works with Dugdale and when his daughter Teagan was born he took Dugdale’s advice, opened an investment account, and began consistent contributions amounting to $1 a day. Beginning with that first dollar, Hayes has now invested a little over $3,500 into a mutual fund that has a current market value of nearly $6,000.  Dugdale’s book illustrates how it’s possible to create a millionaire with just $1 a day and Hayes is confident his daughter is well on the way to financial freedom.

Hayes says, “I invested in something called the Young Investor Fund because of the low minimum for initial investment and ongoing contributions.” Hayes continues, “The fund also has a philosophy of educating kids about investing and personal finance.”

Hayes says the account was started as an experiment to put the Munny Journey concept into practice. “We hope that this fund allows Teagan the freedom and flexibility to pursue work based on her dreams and interests, not on potential financial rewards. “This isn’t about becoming rich, it’s about financial security and creating savings habits at a young age.” says Hayes.