Holiday Gifts: How to become the best parent or grandparent ever!

All the adults in this country know the financial challenges our children are going to face. Most of us face them alone with little guidance. Over the centuries there has become an unspoken rule to not share financial decisions and challenges with the younger generation. The result is the next generations are left to make many of the same mistakes that we did. It’s kind of silly if you think about it.

Here is how you become the greatest parent or grandparent. Start an investment account for your kids or grandkids today (many can be opened with $100). Then add one dollar a day from your savings or checking account through automatic payments. This one activity starts a life changing habit for your loved one that will create financial  security. Make a commitment that you will educate and mentor this person through life’s interesting financial decisions.  Make sure they do the same and pay it forward. This act of love will change their life and impact your family for generations to come.

In addition, you can purchase Munny Journey to help the child learn money along the way. Starting the account and pairing with the Munny Journey book could be one of the best holiday gifts you ever give.


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