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Teach Kids About Money Using Starbucks

Investomom Strategy: Help Your Kids Understand Investments

How to use Starbucks to teach good munny habits: Two weeks ago I purchased 20 shares of Starbucks for a seven year old child client that had expressed an interest in investing.  His mom took my young client to his new investment (Starbucks) after school.  Mom explained that he was now a partial owner of […]

Common Misconceptions About Money

Volatility = Risky. Capitalism is creative destruction subject to business cycles. This process forces change and change over time creates winners and losers.  The average person fights or ignores change until it impacts their life. Only then does the average person react. The wealthy embrace investments and systems that maintain and create wealth.  The wealthy […]

What is the best investing advice you were ever given?

Munny Journey author Brad Dugdale was featured in the YoProWealth Podcast. YoProWealth asked the question, “What is the best investing advice you were ever given?” Brad’s response: “When I started my first job, I had an elder statesman in the company pull me aside. He told me to live on 90% of my income and invest […]