About Munny Journey and the Author

Save a dollar a day for financial freedom

This journal was created as a solution to the financial stresses and worries of so many families today. There is no “quick fix” to money problems. Financial security and independence is acquired from an understanding of how money works and the implementation of a long term plan. Over four million babies are born in the United States each year. Imagine what the world would look like 30, 40 or 50 years from now if every parent or grandparent started the child they love on a Munny Journey. Financial security is not about being “rich”, it’s about living your life the way you want when money is not a daily stress.

You already know the importance of starting to save  money early in life, but many people don’t have an easy plan to create financial security. Munny Journey is a solution for new parents interested in providing financial security for a child. This creative journal shows new parents and grandparents how even the smallest deposits of money in a mutual fund can grow to wealth beyond their wildest dreams.

The Authors

Bradley & Shariae Dugdale have been long time financial literacy advocates. The formula of compound interest has materially changed their lives. Brad’s first introduction to this magic formula was as a junior in college at the University of Montana. The knowledge of compounding became a guiding principle for all financial and business decisions. Early in Brad’s career he was attracted to the financial service industry where he has spent the last 25 years. Bradley co-authored his first book in the year 2000 with Don Ferrell titled Let’s Save America 9 Lesson’s to Financial Success. Brad and Shariae continue their quest for required financial education in the public and private schools to help all people understand their opportunity to experience financial freedom.

Brad Dugdale, one of the founders of Munny Journey, is challenging the traditional money saving model.  In everything that Brad does, there  is a desire to challenge the status quo, to re-imagine the traditional way of thinking about money and planning for retirement. For as little as a dollar a day, you can create financial security for your children, and teach them about money.

Rich & Shelby Ronnestad believe education is empowering. They volunteer time in schools and toward community efforts involving education and kids. Both have made careers in the financial services industry. Rich holds a Master’s degree in personal financial planning and is a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner. Shelby assists him in their endeavor to fulfill their vision…a world where all parents, grandparents, and guardians start and nurture the children of their own family on a financially sound journey through life. Rich & Shelby believe financial education is an integral part of the education process, and should (and can) begin the day a newborn comes into the world. They believe it’s easily within reach for this country to produce an entire generation of young adults who have the confidence and financial resources to develop their full potential. Rich & Shelby’s ten year old daughter, Elie provides real-life lessons, laughter, and is a source of inspiration and joy.

Krista Brand is a Graphic Designer & Illustrator who happens to have a soft spot for little critters of the woodlands, and all things lovely, worn-in, fuzzy, and warm. She moved to Coeur d’ Alene with her family when she was ten years old, and was home-schooled for most of her early education and throughout high school. Always brimming with ideas and creating art, Krista found North Idaho College to be a wonderful place for continuing her education and developing her talents. She graduated from NIC in 2005, and since then, Krista has been working locally in freelance and in-house Graphic Design, Marketing, and Illustration.